Saturday, March 24, 2007

How to Earn the Money You Want By Doing What You Love (Part 9)

Putting all togather

You have learned the seven secrets to making the successful transition doing work you love and getting paid well for it. To recap the steps:

First: Decide to do work you love. Take control of your life and your destiny.

Second: Find your purpose and passion in life. Find a business that expresses your purpose and passion.

Third: Start your own business and work it part time until you make enough money so that you can't afford a job. Then quit your job.

Fourth: Tune up your mind by reading and listening to empowering material. This is a critical step. The more you tune your mind, the better your results.

Fifth: Associate with positive and successful people.

Sixth: Find a mentor who has achieved the success you are looking for and ask for guidance.

Seventh: Sharing your new found knowledge passionately with as many liked minded people as possible.

By following the seven secrets, you will have an easy transition to wealth, freedom, and security.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to Earn the Money You Want By Doing What You Love (Part 8)

Secret #7 - Share your knowledge with other people and never stop learning

It is not for money that makes me rich. It is the quest for knowledge. It is the desire to learn more, do more, accomplish more and help those who want to learn that drives us …. and money is just the score, measure to tell us how we are doing. Money is the celebration of success, just as the lack of money is the reminder that we need to learn more. Just as a traveler watches for mile marker, I look at money simply as a maker – a marker that measures the journey and distance traveled.

-- Robert Kiyosaki , Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and, Co-Author of Why We Want You To Be Rich

Successful people never stop learning. Even Robert Kiyosaki, one of the best known entrepreneur on earth never stop the process of learning. It is this willingness of learning, this passion of learning that we improve and move forward. The only time we stop learning is when we are 6 inches under the earth.

Sharing your knowledge and experience with as many liked minded people as possible is one of the best way to learn more. By willingly share your experience; you also open more opportunity to learn more new experience from others. More knowledge you will gain as you share them with others.

The law of sowing is the law of giving,
You need to first give before you can receive.
The more you are willing to give the more you will receive.

If you want to learn more, start sharing more often.

(Some of these contents are extracted from article written by Andy Fuehl posted in Nightingle Newsletter)