Sunday, July 22, 2007

Impossible Is Not An Option

I love to walk along the beach near my house together with my wife after our dinner. Friday evening is the usual time we will have our walk on the beach. I worked a 5 days week, and during weekday night, I still need to work on my personal projects which normally take up 2-3 hrs. You can understand how I appreciate and take great important of every Friday evening walk with my wife.

Last week, while strolling under the moon light with soft sea breeze blowing onto our faces. Watching couples cuddling under the cover of the darkness. What you can hear is only the sound of the wave coming onshore? Such romantic scene, only can happen in Hollywood movie is unbelievable happening every Friday night to us.

Unconsciously looking down onto the cement path that we are walking, under the warm moon light, we noticed some white painted words on the cement path. Look a little closer, it reads,

“Winning is not about beating the man in front of you, but within you.
Impossible is not an option.”

Think about the words closely, a lot of thing we thought whether we can or cannot do is on our believes, is all in our mind. It remind me of what Brian Tracy talk about in one of his audio CD:

80% of our constrain we faced in achieving our goal is within ourselves, only 20% is coming from external.

It matches want I saw on the path that night.

The world is full of new experience and new knowledge. That’s how much we can learnt, as for me just a simple walk along the beach.


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