Saturday, July 28, 2007


People who never achieve success do so because they fall in love with their excuses. It isn't the truth about yourself and your abilities that hurts you; it is the negatives you consider to be true that hold you back. Abandon your excuses and learn to overcome the obstacles to success ... one oil drum at a time.

When I was 21 years old, a friend of mine and I decided to go off to see the world. Many of our friends were going to Europe and hitchhiking around with rucksacks. We decided to be different and go to Africa instead. It never occurred to us to ask why no one else was going to Africa. We found out later, much to our great regret.

To get to our destination in Africa, we had to cross the Sahara. We started out from London, riding bicycles across France and Spain. The labor was excruciating, the progress slow, and the pleasure was nonexistent.

In Gibraltar, we sold our bicycles and invested our last few dollars in an old Land Rover. We crossed from Gibraltar to Tangier into Algeria. We were on our way in Africa. Still, there was one obstacle between us and the greenery we were anxious to see. It was that darn old desert. We had no idea how serious and how difficult this adventure was to be.

(Article extracted from Nightingale Advantedge News letter)


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